We are a company with a great family tradition dedicated to the craftsmanship of a wide range of semi fish: anchovies, pickles, anchovies, spikes combined with pickles, etc ...

In J. L. FONSECA E HIJOS we differ, not only for being the pioneer in Madrid dedicated to manufacturing salting, but also a perfect blend of love and respect the office learned. Little by little faithfully reproduces those ancient formulas as if they were little gems, and about our homes to enjoy the flavor of things well done.

Our team is behind the secrets of the workshop, the greatest asset we possess. Young, capable and learned the job well done, a family company well avenue.

After twenty-eight years of good craftsmanship, in J. L. FONSECA E HIJOS retain each time, with pride, a larger portfolio of customers, day after day, is channeled in a controlled expansion in domestic and international markets.

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